A tribute to Ms Liza Presnillo

Today’s post comes from Ma. Rowena Riviera (Weng), a women who is Deaf who has been involved with W-DARE since the start of Phase 1.

In her role on the W-DARE project, Weng has conducted qualitative interviews with other women who are Deaf, contributed to qualitative data analysis, attended trainings, seminars and project partner and stakeholder meetings, and is now co-facilitating a Participatory Action Group (PAG) with Ma. Rack Corpus for women who are Deaf in Quezon City, Manila.

In this post, accessible through the link to Weng’s blog (below), Weng pays tribute to Ms Liza Presnillo, a sign language interpreter and advocate for the Filipino Deaf community with whom she worked closely over a period of ten years (including on W-DARE research activities). Liza passed away on April 8 2015.


The W-DARE team would like to acknowledge Liza’s contribution to the project, as a highly valued interpreter who supported our qualitative data collection and analysis, as a knowledgeable key informant, and a friend. Her passing is a huge loss to the Filipino Deaf community and for all working towards equality of rights and opportunities for people with disability in the Philippines.

Weng is a well known advocate for the Deaf community in the Philippines. Please visit other posts in her blog for more information about her work and issues facing the Deaf community in the Philippines.

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