Welcome to the blog for W-DARE; Women with Disability taking Action on REproductive and sexual health”.

W-DARE is a 3-year action research program, developed by researchers in the Philippines and Australia, that aims to improve the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) of women with disability in the Philippines.

Women with disability can experience poorer health throughout their lives and have limited access to health services, in particular SRH programs. The United Nations acknowledges the right of women with disability to access appropriate SRH information and services, have sexual relationships, get married and have a family; however SRH programs are often not accessible or appropriate for women with disability.

This project has been funded by the Australian Government, with co-funding from the UNFPA Philippines Country Office.  It will provide women with disability with an opportunity to share their stories and make a direct contribution to efforts to improve their own SRH, as well as contribute to national and international policy and academic knowledge about how to ensure SRH services are inclusive of women with disability.

The purpose of this blog is to showcase the achievements and activities of the W-DARE project. Project partners will provide frequent updates on research progress as well as videos, photos and discussion about relevant reports, policies and research.

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W-DARE project partners

Nossal Institute for Global Health, the University of Melbourne

Centre for Health Equity, the University of Melbourne

Social Development Research Center, De La Salle University

WOWLEAP (Women with Disabilities Leap Social and Economic Progress)

PARE (Persons with disabilities Advocating for Rights and Empowerment)

Likhaan Center for Women’s Health

Center for Women’s Studies (University of the Philippines)


This research has been funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the Australian Development Research Awards Scheme under an award titled ‘Sexual and Reproductive Health of Women with Disability in the Philippines: Building evidence for action’.

Substantive Co-funding was provided by the UNFPA Philippines Country Office.

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